Thursday, July 24, 2014

2014 Topps Allen & Ginter Case Recap

Video recap for the case I broke of 2014 Topps Allen & Ginter Baseball.

Case Breakdown By the numbers:
2: Rip Cards (Shields /75, Jackson /5)
5: Complete Base Sets
2: Super Short Print Minis (American Opossum, Athletic Endeavors)
1: Silk Cloth /10 (Reyes)
5 (each): Abreu & Tanaka RC
2: Mini Hand Numbered /25 (Rosario, Juan Gonzalez)
1: Red Ink Autos (Goldschmidt) These may be falling one per case?
0: Boxloader SP (Auto-Relic-Etc.)
1: Bowler Relic????? (It sold for .99 on Ebay---Topps threw a gutterball on this one-see what I did 
3: Mini No Number SP /50 (not serial numbered) Sandoval, Pfister, Brady.
Less Than 20: Base card duplicates left over after completing five complete sets---best collation I've seen in years for Ginter!!!!
600: Count box needed to house one complete set 1-350 comfortably (400 count boxes will not support 350 cards with this stock). 
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  1. First Person to Comment after this one gets: (1) Ginter Relic, Small Base Lot, and a Manny Machado High Number SP!

  2. Closed....please check back for more contests!!!!