Friday, August 1, 2014

2014 National Sports Collectors Convention--The Ticket Man!!

The National Sports Collectors convention allows us as collectors the opportunity to explore an endless array of cardboard and sports memorabilia.  Along with that comes the chance to make memories with acquaintances, and friends.  In other instances, we are lucky enough to meet fellow collectors who share the same passion, and in the meantime learn of a collecting realm we had never imagined.  This is where we bring in a man named Dan.  Dan is a collector just like you and I, but if you dig a little further you find out that he is as unique as they come.  He doesn't collect cards, he collects tickets stubs, and by collect I mean putting a lifetime into a collection that may just be one of the most unique ticket collections on the planet.  I could go on and on, but you owe it to yourself to check out his site and story here: 

Thursday, July 24, 2014

2014 Topps Allen & Ginter Case Recap

Video recap for the case I broke of 2014 Topps Allen & Ginter Baseball.

Case Breakdown By the numbers:
2: Rip Cards (Shields /75, Jackson /5)
5: Complete Base Sets
2: Super Short Print Minis (American Opossum, Athletic Endeavors)
1: Silk Cloth /10 (Reyes)
5 (each): Abreu & Tanaka RC
2: Mini Hand Numbered /25 (Rosario, Juan Gonzalez)
1: Red Ink Autos (Goldschmidt) These may be falling one per case?
0: Boxloader SP (Auto-Relic-Etc.)
1: Bowler Relic????? (It sold for .99 on Ebay---Topps threw a gutterball on this one-see what I did 
3: Mini No Number SP /50 (not serial numbered) Sandoval, Pfister, Brady.
Less Than 20: Base card duplicates left over after completing five complete sets---best collation I've seen in years for Ginter!!!!
600: Count box needed to house one complete set 1-350 comfortably (400 count boxes will not support 350 cards with this stock). 
Thanks for checking out the blog as always!!! 
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Monday, July 7, 2014

2014 Topps Allen & Ginter Set Checklist Released (Link provided)

I've been digging for a while now in anticipation of the release this week, and lo and behold, it popped up today on Cardboard Connection's Facebook Page (

There were bits and pieces leaked via Twitter, and Facebook, along with over the past several months, but it looks as if we finally have a complete list to dive into!!!

Be sure to throw down a "Like" on Facebook for them, and check out their Ginter Preview where you will also find set information:

The most anticipated release each year for myself, so If you're like me, you're chomping at the bit to get your hands on one of the most eclectic sets out there in the hobby!!!  Be sure to check back here often in the coming weeks as I will be posting videos and recaps of my personal case break.


Wednesday, June 18, 2014

2014 Topps Gypsy Queen Baseball NPN

NPN 2014 Topps Gypsy Queen BB
P.O. Box 763
Pittston, PA 18640
(By 7/9/2014)

2014 Bowman Baseball NPN Information

Hobby Regular
NPN 2014 Bowman BB
P.O. Box 2230
Duryea, PA 18642
(By 7/30/2014)

Retail Hanger
NPN 2014 Bowman BB
P.O. Box 766
Pittston, PA 18640
(By 7/30/2014)

Hobby Jumbo
NPN 2014 Bowman BB
P.O. Box 764
Pittston, PA 18640
(By 7/30/2014)

Monday, June 16, 2014

2014 Topps Series 2 (Blue Jays) Case Recap

     Here is a look at a recent 12 box case break recap in which I picked up the Toronto Blue Jays for $12.  This type of group break is not for everyone, but for the price, you cant beat the volume of cards you get for your money.  In this day and age of on-demand box breaks, and hit-centered products, a base heavy break is a refreshing change of pace-although I realize its not the preference of many collectors.  You wont find many breakers out there who offer up these breaks due to a variety of factors including: volume, time, sorting, and shipping; but if you're looking for all-around bang for your buck, its the way to go. 
     In this particular break, I expect to at least double my investment, and that's without any cards you would consider a hit.  I ended up with 11 (12 card) Blue Jays base team sets, an Adam Lind Black Parallel sequentially numbered to 63,  a gold parallel sequentially numbered to 2014, and a handful of Red Hot Parallels.  Please feel free to check out the gallery below for a recap, and be sure to check out RKCollectible's Facebook page for break updates, etc. 



Thursday, May 22, 2014

NFL Painkiller Lawsuit.....Just your average sports fanatic's take on the issue.

     Before I offer up my opinions on the NFL Painkiller lawsuit, I would like to put things into perspective.  I'm not a journalist, an ESPN talking head, or a former NFL player--that being said I can only relate the issues at hand to what I've experienced personally albeit on a MUCH smaller scale.  I'm just your typical middle class male who has a family of his own, and happened to play four years of small college football.
     Football has, and always will carry with it the Machismo stigma--young and middle aged males grinding it out between the painted lines, doing whatever it takes to see the field, and ultimately stay  on the field.  
      Having Dealt with a handful of injuries from nearly slicing off my big toe the Friday night before a game to a pulled groin, to recovering from illness that dropped me to my knees a Wednesday prior to a game, I never once considered being out, even if that meant putting substances into my body that I knew later would be harmful to my health.  I had the good fortune of never needing such substances, but if it was a choice-I'd had made the decision to partake regardless of consequences down the road.  The "culture" of the game is to stay on the field.  
     Now lets digest the perspective, if a small ball player is willing to risk his health without the repercussions of losing the vehicle that feeds and clothes his family, and the ultimate loss of his livelihood, why would an NFL player even have to think twice about it.  The answer is out there, and the resounding response is; among the "culture" of NFL players, there was, and is, no second choice.
     Among the group of 500 plus players named in the suit, and even those who have chosen not to pursue the proceedings, you hear the same thing over and over--YOU DO WHAT IT TAKES TO STAY ON THE FIELD!  That same thought has been shared numerous times over national radio sports talk shows by those who lived it, (ie. Mike Golic and Mark Schlereth, not a part of the lawsuit, and others such as Richard Dent, Jim McMahon and Kyle Turley, who are currently named in the lawsuit).  While there is no denying the issue of wanting to stay on the field, after all the livelihood of these men was on the line, the area that has become the talking point of this issue is informed consent, and the responsibility of each individual team doctor.
     I believe collectively that these players will submit to the fact that they took these substances to stay at the top of their game, there's no denying that, but many are saying that the league (or the individual team doctors) were negligent in informing players of the health risks down the road.  That being said, I've got to believe these same players would be lying to our faces if they proclaimed they would have refused had they received informed consent.
     Lets imagine for a second Richard Dent sitting on a plane after a big game, a doctor walks the aisle and asks if he needs painkillers, after an emphatic "Yes", do we really believe these medications will be then turned down after informed consent.  In the moment, during that magical '85 season, history on the line, do we really believe that Dent would even blink an eye at risk factors he may face 20-30 years down the line--I'm guessing not.
     I have no idea where this goes from here, and I'm guessing that this will not go away anytime soon.  Will the players ultimately "win" this battle?  That answer will be sorted out in due time, but not without a mess of proceedings to come in the days or even years ahead.  I'm not sure what will happen with the players, but my guess is one way or the other, there will be changes in the NFL policy to cover their behinds.
     The NFL policies and procedures manual may be adding a few pages to legally protect themselves, but will this really change the thoughts of its current players when it comes to painkilling substances--it remains to be seen, but my thought is the "culture" of the game will continue to win out amongst the men who grind it out  between the lines.